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StickerCam ScreenSaver

DOWNLOAD: StickerCam_ScreenSave (670kb)

The screen saver will display your currently broadcast webcam in StickerCam if StickerCam is running, otherwise it will display your pre-recorded webcams. For more information see our original forum thread FREE StickerCam ScreenSaver!

TIP: for a screensaver for your WebCam see Privacy Guard which is included in all releases of StickerCam from version 3.4.67 (17 January 07) and above.

DOWNLOAD: StickerCam_Sticker_Maker (260kb)

Sticker Maker is our new FREE utility that lets you to create your own animated stickers and backgrounds for use in StickerCam! more details on the Sticker Maker page [here...]

Sticker Maker


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